MBTI – STACKS Basics (Part 3)


SITE: How each MBTI type Processes Their Own & Others’ Emotions

Complete description of each type’s stack – see sidebar



NOTES re. Stacks
• As stated in Part 2, each preference is either Introverted or ExtrovertedIs are directed inward & generally private, while Es are directed outward & interact with the world.   EXP:
💗 Judging Extroverts (EnfJ, EstJ…..) always lead with a dominant J function (T or F), so may seem the most ‘J’ of any type   (CHART —->)

💚 Judging Introverts (IstJ, InfJ….) always lead with a dominant P (S or N), so will seem less ‘J-like’, making them more likely to be mis-typed as Ps by the casual observer

• Functions always alternate, based on which side of the center line the first one falls on (E or I)
• The Dominant & Inferior positions will always be opposites (#1 & #4)
• Stacks are always formed into JPPJ or PJJP, so the middle 2 are either both components of J or both of P (ISFJ = Si —- Ne / Fe – Ti )

• Types that share the same first & last functions (DOM /INF) are called “Brain or Dom buddies,” because they think quite alike. (INTP’s dom-buddy is ISTP, sharing Ti & Fe, but not their 2 middle functions)

HOW to figure the order of the stack
Always start with the person’s MBTI Type to see whether their Dominant (Dom) function is going to be E or I. Each stack includes all 4 options (S, N, T, F), in a specific order. (More….)

Reminder: Dominant & Auxiliary are always our MBTI Type’s 2 center letters.
🚦 all Js use T or F as their top 2 choices
 extrovert J functions (T or F) & introvert P functions (N or S) 

🚥 all Ps use S or N as their top 2 (Dom or Aux)
Perceivers extrovert P functions (N or S) & introvert J functions (T or F)

Another way of saying the same thing is:
▶︎ Introverts hide their DOM from immediate view, & show Aux:
• I–Js conceal Si or Ni (as DOM), & reveal Te or Fe (as AUX)
• I–Ps conceal Ti or Fi (as DOM), & reveal Se or Ne (as AUX)

▶︎ Extroverts reveal their DOM & hide Aux:
• E–Js reveal Te or Fe, & conceal Si or Ni (as AUX)
• E–Ps reveal Se or Ne, & conceal Fi or Ti (as AUX)

• As an E, the biggest oval has to be on the right side of the line
• As an E–J, the dominant (DOM) preference has to be a J function = F or T
• Since ESFJ has a preference for F rather than T, the only possible #1 position is Fe = extrovert Feeling. (Same for ENFJs)
• The bottom circle (“Inferior” preference) for this person has to be T on the I side – Ti = introverted Thinking, because #4 is always opposite the Dominant

NOW we can to fill in the 2 middle ovals – also alternating. We’ve used up the F & T (top & bottom) so we need to place S & N.
• Being an E, its Auxiliary position must be on the I side
• We see that ESFJ refers S rather than N, so it’s #2 preference is Si = introverted SensingThis is so because if it were in 3rd position, it wouldn’t be a preference.  (For ENFJ – #2 has to be Ni).
• The 3rd oval is left (Tertiary), & can only be Ne – extroverted iNtuition.
here the Dominant preference is on the I side
• As an I–P, this person’s Dom has to be Ti, hidden from immediate view (since xNxP extroverts its N function)
• Automatically we know the Inferior (#4 oval) is Fe 
• Having placed the T & F, the Auxiliary (#2) will be either S or N, & for the INTP, it can only be Ne
• So Tertiary (#3) is left with Si = introverted Sensing(MORE…. /ALSO…)


NEXT: Stacks #4

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