Pyramid Uses: WORK/BIZ





5. Fair wage, meals & rest facilities, breaks
4. Job security, safe working conditions, order, direction
3. Team work, social facilities (sports, clubs….)
2. How one is seen at work – status symbols (cars, corner office, qualify for promotions)
1. Achieve full potential at work, have a challenging job & perks, be promoted (More….)

DYSFUNCTION of team members
Fear of being vulnerable, don’t to say what they mean
2. Trying to keep artificial harmony, they only say things to please
3. Lack of clarity or actual agreement re. goals causes passive compliance
4. Avoiding discomfort within the group prevents holding each other accountable. “It’s not my fault”
5. Pursuing status or individual goals erodes collective success.

1. Be open & accessible
2. Engage in debate re. issues/ problems. Verbalize appreciation & understanding
3. Do what’s needed to accomplish goals
4. Hold members accountable, striving to do more & better
5. Focus on collectively reaching goals. Share accomplishments with everyone

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT (Human resources management)
= Not interested in the job itself, only working for a paycheck
Don’t like boss, poor working conditions, wants overtime, looking at want ads
Feel OK about work, feel a part of something bigger, but no career advancement
2. ENGAGED = Feel important & a vital part of the work, very busy, maybe stressed
1. HIGHLY ENGAGED = High flyer, love work, inspire others to do their best,


DEEPAK’s INVERTED humor: The stages an employee may go through if they don’t have enough work to do – for too long (top down):
Bored: Frequent visits to vending machine, break room / canteen or bathroom
De-motivated: Read online news, stock market….

Indifferent: Chat on IM using proxy / browser
Nervous breakdown: Blog, or read blogs of unknown people
Core sump, System error: read viewer’s comments on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter….

Leadership is a way of being, which can be lived by anyone no matter their place in society or in any given organization.
Virtue is a dynamic strength that allows the leader to do what is required in service to those they lead. The virtues of practical wisdom, courage, self-control & justice form the foundation, while the virtues of magnanimity & humility form its essence. (More….

The Business DNA Pyramid features the 3 game-changing Qs used to build & explain leading successful startups, from an idea.
A = Aspiration –
Vision: what’s the winning goal? The WHY – Impacts, metrics
N = Needs –
Strategy: where will biz be & how to win in chosen market
The WHAT – Environment, Problems…
D = Design –
Product: what capabilities & management systems are needed to win. The HOW – enterprise, solution

Basic/Awareness: Samples, freebies, and promotional items are typically offered in order to initially attract prospects.
Safety/Membership: To keep potential customer’s attention, they need to feel they’ve found a reliable place where they can find what they’re looking for, & won’t be taken advantage of

Social/Engagement: When a prospect feels they’re part of the right tribe to get value re. their own goals & wants, they’re likely to stay tuned in – “know, like, trust.”
Esteem/Invested: If customers feel respected, they’ll be confident enough to initially invest in your products or services, or invest more

Self-Actualized/Loyal Repeat Customer: This is the prized goal – where customers are convinced of your unique offering, so they only want to buy from you over & over

Hearn Industrial Services (Canada) – provider of Transportation, Supply Chain & Quality Services to the automotive industry.
Supply Chain systems are designed to achieve high service levels.
Measurement & Action, includes
▪︎ End Customer Service = providing customers with all physical needs
▪︎ Internal Integration = a supply chain professional that is focused on your bottom line, through proper planning and resource allocation

MIDDLE: Value & Authority
▪︎ External Integration = building relationships with customers, & strategic partnerships with select companies to help address customers’ requirements
▪︎ Win-win scenario = with dynamic thinking, build trust by sharing risks & rewards with customers

TOP Level: Sustainability
Being socially, economically& environmentally responsible

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