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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) recommendations for young people:  at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.
2. Vigorous aerobics = daily, min 30-60 min (brisk walking…)
3. Vigorous sports / rec. = 3+ days pr wk, min 20 min (reach target heart rate)
4. Muscle fitness exercises = 2-3 days pr wk, 8-12 reps, 2-4 sets major muscles, muscle overload
5. Flexibility exercises – 3+ days pr wk, 10-20 sec., 2-4 reps, major muscles, stretch overload (More….


What’s the motivation?
⬅️ Pyramid indicates – from weakest to best personal values.

😾 Some negative (selfish) reasons for playing are:
▪︎ contempt in our society – easier to scoff, to put others down – than to function from enthusiasm or passion
▪︎ power shift from the team to the individual. –  big name companies no longer back teams, they back specific players
▪︎ parents made their kids ‘god’ – depending for their entire happiness, hope & purpose on the child’s accomplishments
▪︎ a generation who think they’re better than they really are. There’s a difference between honest goal setting & positive thinking vs. reality – what’s physically & psychologically possible (More….)

➡️ The Sport Pyramid shows the key contributors to individual & team sports performance – 5 psychological factors most directly impacting it, which either enhance or interfere with the outcome. To be one’s best sports Self, the goal is to understand ones relationship to each factor, developing strategies & actions to minimize or alleviate psychological weaknesses, & building psychological strengths. (MORE….)

Most players & teams rush to the top (competition), without a proper foundation. REQUIREMENTS:
1Motivation–an intrinsic desire to play and improve
2Footwork–creating space and separation
3Ball Handling–control and protection of the ball
4Vision–the single most important skill.
5Communication–talking and listening effectively
6. Awareness–on Offense and Defense, move with a purpose
7.  Shooting—consistent form, soft touch
8Mental Strength–resilience, confidence, coach-ability
9Conditioning–physical preparation and fitness
10Competition–winning or having a chance to win

1. Distance. Realized everything is close by, easily accessible by bike or some combination with public transport
2. Directness. It becomes clear everything is more direct by bike – such as the city’s designated route for bicycles & pedestrians

3. Safety
. It is absolutely safe to go anywhere by bike, including social & traffic. Over time, trust in the city’s safely comes with experience
4. Comfort. Most bike routes are reasonably comfortable – which routes have the least traffic lights, smoothest asphalt, lowest traffic noise, flatness….
5. Pleasurability. Consider which routes are most pleasurable. Some routes wind through a park, others have the smell of fresh coffee, on others one can hear children laughing on their way home from school….

Levels 1 – 3 :
Volume of training, High Intensity & Intensity Distribution = Effects are well established
 General periodization details (annual)  = Unclear, but likely over-rated
Sports-specific & micro-periodization schemes = Not established, but likely modest
6. Training stimuli enhancement (heat, attitude, energy….) = Potentially important effects, but individual & condition specific
7. Pacing training = Potentially decisive if everything else is done right
8. Training taper = Potentially decisive in an isolated competition, if everything else is done right (More….

Basic psychological principles: It starts with what we focus on – which determines how we feel. 2 other major factors which determine our emotional state are the state of our physical bodies & the language we use to label the circumstances & events in our lives. (More….)

 “I’m already there
This mental exercise for developing a positive attitude / belief about any action is called the: “I Already Have It, I Already Am It”.

Technique: Celebrate your victories in advance! Cultivate the sense in your body of knowing you already have the outcome or goal you want.
Practice visualizing the physical & emotional feelings you will have about the events or personal qualities you wish for already.  FEEL the happiness, gratitude, elation & celebration of success! (More….)

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