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ISTPThe MECHANIC / Craftsman / Operator

🔑 Most Pragmatic

(5.4% world-wide) (8.5% ♂︎ 2.4% ♀︎)  The Quiet explorer // Engineer

NATURAL – “Ready to try anything once.”
to Inspect.

ISTPs are quiet, reserved, uncomplicated in their desires. They can seem somewhat detached or analytical, but have a rich inner world of observations about people, & are extremely perceptive of other’s feelings. They’re kind, tolerant & flexible, usually putting the needs of others before their own, & can be interested in serving others.

Conscientious, stable & practical, they value efficiency, security & traditions. They’re loyal to their peers & to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws & rules if they get in the way of getting something done.

ISTPs love learning, are excellent with mechanical things, & enjoy perfecting a craft by patiently applying their skills. Quiet observers until a problem appears, then act quickly to find workable solutions. They can remain calm while managing a crisis, quickly deciding what needs to be done to solve the problem

They are interested in cause & effect, will organize facts logically, & have a well-developed sense of space & function. Good at analyzing how things work, they can easily get through large amounts of data to get the core of practical problems.

Usually interested in & talented at extreme sports. Risk-takers who they live for the moment, they’re ready to try anything once. They’re well suited for an apocalyptic event, & without one they’ll make one up because they get bored

• They’re: adaptable, analytical, creative, energetic, fierce, great in a crisis, honest, independent, logical, rational, ready for anything, observant, physical, practical, seen as cool & aloof, spontaneous, technical, unemotional, unpretentious

Hidden side : They’re usually much more caring than most profiles give them credit for. They have a deep ‘brotherly-love’ nature, often using practical trouble-shooting skills to give their friends advice & help. While typically independent & solitary in pursuing their hobbies, they’re not that aloof in social situations, with a knack for observational humor

• Life’s Purpose: To fix what’s broken.
• Their Law : You shall always rebel.
• They Comfort others by saying: What happened this time?

• They Say : These rules are important for others, & if I feel like it I might follow  along. I’m fond of sports & the outdoors. Can we do something ‘cool’ now?
Catchphrase : A bad workman blames his tools

Communication : Advice – Talk more…. you’re OK. They don’t want to talk to (almost) anyone, they have better things to do – secretly – so no one will know

Weaknesses : Dislike commitment, psychologically isolated, over-emphasis on logic, so focused on improving things they come off as unappreciative
Manipulate : Will be mindlessly passive unless you have mechanical parts they can fix, or you have to push them off a cliff to get an adrenaline hit to get going

Paradoxes : Calculating AND uncaring. Are for all systems BUT against social systems. Stubborn BUT easygoing
Value: friendship         • Fear : Lack of independence

Judge people by: their smarts
Are Judged for : not wanting to try anything new

STRESSED by situations in illustration

Under stress (Melancholy-Sanguine) ISTPs have a tendency to resist or reject any request or situation that doesn’t fit their basic views on life.

Afraid of being controlled by others, they protect their freedom by cutting out demanding people, & only hang out with people who have the same, usually antisocial attitude.  In extreme cases they’ll feel alienated & upset, prone to complaining & hypersensitivity.

As pressure increases, they’re very likely to have a rebellious attitude against society & its organizational systems (government, political parties….), whose power they see as threatening their independence. By suspecting & blaming the system, they ‘leave’ reality & end up living as outcasts, ignoring common norms & values.

Hate : being trapped, lack of privacy, loss of control, being told what to do, stupidity, disrespect, rigid structure, asking for help because it make them think they won’t learn how to do it,  anyone who won’t ‘get their hands dirty’, when someone thinks they know what’s best for the ISTP, then steps in to their life & does that very thing

Don’t argue with an ISTP when they’re holding : a knife
Never : use them    • Never tell them: “You’re actually awful at hobbies”

Advice: Learn people-skills, because they’re useful & will get you places

ISTPs risk focusing so much on what needs to be done immediately that they miss the big picture. They don’t always follow through on projects that require them to work closely with others

ISTPs can avoid psychological breakdown by recognizing & valuing the human experience as a whole, regardless of personal differences. Accepting that human needs & aspirations are important & strikingly similar despite their variety, they can use their practical skills them to help society, instead of trying to bring it down. (MORE….)

ISTP Relationships
YOU: are generally fair & tolerant of a wide range of behavior, but then surprise others by clearly objecting when logical principles are attacked. Being quiet & reserved you can be a challenge to read. Your relationship superpower is Respect. 

Thrive in any that are: practical yet independent

• As a friend, you’re the sexy one who goes along with everything, seems to have your career all planned out, & always seems to know what’s wrong with their car or computer
Annoyed with : others who never want to try anything new

ISTP Parent / child of ISTP parent, ISTP child (ALSO....)

Still single because : you’re stuck in a Ti-Ni loop – re your stack (Ti-Se-Ni-Fe). Scroll to ‘davestone95’
Unhealthy behavior : distant, emotionally unavailable

Show interest by : confronting someone directly
Show love by : acknowledging practical needs, sharing useful info

• You want to hear : It’s up to you
• You’re attractive/sexy because : aloof, mysterious, broody, with a low-key humor – both an old soul & child-like – that’s intriguing & hard to miss

• You should date : someone who’ll give you space, but also force you to show more affection, who doesn’t let you push them away even tho’ you try, can force you out of your head & show you how to accept emotions

To attract you : they need to infiltrate your social circle, see you often but act nonchalant, & then offer sex (Your turn-on)

Some famous ISTPs: Keith Richards, Bruce Lee, Miles Davis, Tiger Woods, Katherine Hepburn, Clint Eastwood


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