Enneagram – CONTRASTING Types



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🔹Our external behaviors can look the same, yet have different internal emotional / energetic underpinnings.

🔸Our internal emotional / energetic underpinnings can be very similar, yet have different external behaviors or manifestations.

Type 1 & Type 5
Same: They’re look-alike types because they’re both intellectual, & can become withdrawn when trying to figure things out. Both deal with internal voices of criticism, so feel they’re not doing enough.

Different: In response, 1s pour endless energy into improving everything around them. 5s pick only a few projects, trying to silence their self-distrust with overzealous mastery.

Type 1 & Type 8
Both are are body center types concerned with rightness, justice, truth and fairness. They have an inner feeling that if they have a sense of control, all will be well.

Different: 1s exert super-control over themselves & the details of their environment.
8s care about the big picture. Their desire for power is to ensure they get what they want, & that everything stays in one piece

Type 2 & Type 4
Same: Both are heart center types attuned to feelings, & are friendly & magnetic. They’re used to others liking them, & seek out relationships that bolster their self-confidence.

Different: 2s genuinely believe they can get anyone to like them, to confirm inward image.
4s distrust their relationships, & inwardly distrust that they’re lovable.

Type 2 & Type 6
Same: They can be look alike because both can be externally warm & friendly, sensitive to others, disarming or seductive, & will defer to what others want or need.

Different: Internally, 2s cling to the love in their relationships, which gives them a sense of identity.
6s mistrust others internally, always keeping a watchful eye out for breaks in loyalty.

Type 2 & Type 8
Same: Both show active energy, assertiveness, generosity, intrusiveness, protectiveness toward others and attraction to power. Both feel angry, often because their boundaries or identity are violated in some way.

Different: 2s express their anger in explosive outbursts after trying to repress this emotion.  
8s show their anger more easily & consistently, & then move on from it quickly.

Type 3 & Type 4
Same: Both want approval & recognition, with a need to maintain their image. Both are often intense, competitive with a creative, inventive ability

Different: 3s push their true feelings aside to keep up momentum toward a goal.
4s lose external goal-momentum as their fluctuating emotions turn them back to an inward focus

Type 3 & Type 6
Same: Both are personable, practical, & highly active. They’re excited planners, working diligently toward achievable goals

Different: 3s are internally optimistic, believing everything will move smoothly & to great success.
6s tend to being pessimistic. They expect all kinds of problems to surface, so they develop a myriad of contingencies, just in case.

Type 4 & Type 7
Same: Both are intense and idealistic, wanting life to be highly stimulating & adventurous. Quickly shift jobs, projects, interests & relationships, often done unconsciously

Different: 4s are searching for a sense of identity with each shift. 7s search for fulfillment & satisfaction with every move.

Type 5 & Type 9
Same: Both can be internal, thoughtful & unobtrusive. They tend to pull back so they won’t be overly influenced by their surroundings. When needing to complete important tasks they externally procrastinate, filling their day with busywork.

Different: Internally 5s fear not being able to handle the task & having to ask for help.
9s internally fear that the importance of the task will upset their inner balance / peace.

Type 7 & Type
Same: Both want life to be pleasant & upbeat. They’re adaptable, inviting, & prefer to avoid conflict. they want to be liked and to get along, internally, want to avoid feeling any pain.

Different: Externally, 7s have a hectic, wild energy, & express their desires.
9s live at a more leisurely pace, are generally mellow, & easily mesh with the desires of others.
(From Melissa Kircher)


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