Being AUTHENTIC (Part 3)

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2. How to MAINTAIN Authenticity 

√ Speak your truth
To speak your authentic truth means knowing who you are, knowing what you need & want, what you believe, & how you feel emotionally.
It does not mean over-sharing, blabbing everything you think & feel, nor saying unkind or insulting things, just because they happen to be true (accurate).

But when you speak up for yourself, ask for what you want or respectfully reject what you don’t want – you show others that you’re responsible, can be trusted, & that you trust others enough to show your genuine, vulnerable self. This requires having good boundaries & good judgement. The response from others is often positive, which make it easier to continue being authentic.

√ Make telling your truth a habit
This is a suggestion that can makes a huge difference in your life!
Don’t fall back on lying for convenience’s sake – to further some agenda, to cover up an embarrassment, or to save face. They may seem like harmless “little white lies”, but are constantly undermining Authentic Self, while only showing a flawed facade.

Instead, by being honest – first to yourself & then to others – you signal the subconscious that your imperfections are acceptable – therefore you are acceptable.

√ Make statements & decisions consciously
In our hectic world, we making decisions all the time. Unfortunately, a lot of them are made hastily in the moment, without considering the consequences. So slow down & make sure each decision supports Authentic Self. And don’t let anyone push you into making an important decision before you’re ready.

√ Develop yourself in authentic ways
 You may receive lots of career or relationship advice that’s not suited to Authentic Self. If you follow other people’s ideas, ignoring True Self, you get lost.

Your goals may or may not fit the typical “career ladder” so often promoted by society. So as you move along your life-path, pause to ask yourself if you’re pursuing the right goal, in the right way – for you. If not, you’ll likely to have a hard time enjoying either the process or the outcome, even if it looks great “on paper”.

Continue to monitor yourself
If you keep a behind-the-scenes monitor that keeps you self-aware, you’ll be in a position to catch those “off moments” when you veer away from Authentic Selves. Even if you don’t have time to examine what’s going on in the moment, you can review it later, & decide how to correct it in future.

3. Take Authenticity to the NEXT LEVEL

√ Strive to improve yourself
To keep progressing in life you will need to develop a growth mindset so you can learn from each lesson presented to you – before you can move on to higher insight.
Without the daily homework of paying attention to what life has to teach, you’ll keep getting the same lessons over and over –  until they’re learned. Being open to new inner & outer knowledge will let you grow more quickly, finding the best routes to achieve sustained authenticity.

√ Listen to your inner guidance or intuition
People call inner guidance many things. Following it is key to discovering & enhancing Authentic Self. It is only when Adaptive Self silences intuition that you lose the best path to travel. So keep an ‘open ear’ for the guidance in your gut – that still small voice.

√  Find your life purpose
Authenticity & purpose are closely linked: A deep sense of purpose is an expression of authenticity, while developing authenticity will allow you uncover your purpose!
🔅You may discover the courage of your convictions, & passionately burst to accomplish some worthy goal that moves you deeply enough to champion a specific cause leading to positive change.
🔅You may have an invention you want to promote, a company you want to develop, or a vision you want to manifest. Living authentically will make your purpose clear.

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