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REVIEW: Enneagram is split into 3 centers for a reason. Each group represents an emotion & body part.

How we respond to everything indicates our “core center” location.

Heart / ‘love’ types (2-3-4) are all about how others react to them
They’re the most “needy,” always wanting something from someone else – admiration, attention, devotion, empathy, inclusion, love, praise, to be needed. Yes, even the 4. It’s all about how they are rejecting me. They bristle when their reputation is attacked or are accused of doing something, & defend their actions with what a ‘caring’ person they are

Head / ‘fear’ types (5-6-7) chronically over-think everything
They process new information by taking a step back to think about it They’re fear-based, though they may not realize it. Driven by apprehension about things – even the 7, who’s running away from fear of being trapped in a situation that’s not “fun”

Gut types / ‘anger’ types (8-9-1) live & react by gut-instinct
“I just knew what to do” is their most common comment, because they have a literal physical reaction to the world that keeps slamming into them. It’s an instinctive sense of NOPE or I MUST ACT. No hesitation, they just launch into a reaction (attack, numb, fight)


Enneagram 1: Most likely TJs, by far the most typical being ISTJ, since the ‘duty’ of the 1 pairs naturally with its duty-driven mentality.
IXFJ is somewhat less common but also possible. INFJs are likely, because Ni is prone to the same high idealism (too-high expectations) like the 1. 

Enneagram 2: Most likely EXFJ, because the parental aspect of #2 has a natural similarity with Fe-dom.
IXFJ is next, & then EXFPs. IXFP 2s are possible but rarer, since 2 & Fi are somewhat at odds 

Enneagram 3: EXTJ, EXFJ  / EXTP, EXFP / IXTJ.
The emotional detachment of the 3 fits best with Te-Dom, but can also be effective with a Fe-Dom core.
3s create an ambitious & flashy IXTJ. IXFJ is possible but less likely than EXFJ, since the 3 is a workaholic, & Introverts find it harder to maintain the energy it requires

Enneagram 4: IFP by a mile, because 4 is the embodiment of Fi – taken to emotional extremes.
INFJ is also common, Ni & 4 being a natural combination. Sometimes EXFJ or INTJ.
EXFP is a little less likely but still possible, especially with a 3 wing & an sx subtype.

Enneagram 5: Definitely INTP, since it’s almost exactly like the 5 – analytical, detached, objective, secretive, unemotional).
EXTJ, because frankly it goes with any high thinking function.
IXTJ,  ENTP & ESTP are ‘iffy’ since Se wants to engage with the outer world & 5 would rather watch from a bench

Enneagram 6: Goes well with every single type. Also, factor in the statistics that say 6 is one of the most common type, so the odds of it being a core or a fix are high.
6w5s pair naturally with thinking types, 6w7 is most common in EPs, but again… possible for anyone

Enneagram 7: ENXP, ESXP / ISXP.  The stereotype for EXFPs & 7s is that they’re both easily distracted, avoid pain, never finishing anything, are thrill-seekers, adventurous, & fun-loving. If a 7 thinks they’re an INFP, they’re probably a mistyped ENFP. 7 & Se are a natural mix, so only MAYBE an ISFP

Enneagram 8: EXTJ & INTJ / ESTP, ENTP, ESFP / ISTP. Rarely NF & never SFJ.
8 cores are unemotional, aware of power dynamics, bluntly assess others, earthy & sensual, with severe problems figuring out their more vulnerable feelings. This doesn’t mesh well with NF types (a rare ENFJ-8 might be an exception), & never IXFX.

Enneagram 9: Can be any type, like the 6  – it’s common all across the board.

⬆️ Long chart: ONLY one person’s opinion. EXP: This blog writer is an ENFJ – Ennea 8, but this is considered rare.


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