OBITUARY of evil mother


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The link below is the obit Katherine Reddick wrote about her mother, & her rebuttal regarding comments she received about it.

I pass this article on to anyone who has been tortured by a parent, & is afraid to say so, or that no one will believe you.

Be aware it may take a ‘strong stomach’, but you are not alone.

“I WROTE the “SCATHING OBITUARY ABOUT MY MOTHER, AND HERE’S WHY I DID IT and HAVE NO REGRETS.  I’m only now speaking publicly about why I wrote the vicious obituary. Even in death, this woman still gives me nightmares.”

2 thoughts on “OBITUARY of evil mother

  1. Good for you! I applaud you. Although both of my parents are now dead, I live with the scars of my childhood every day. I have come to realize that I will never completely get over it. Therapy helped when I needed it, and I have become stronger. Now in my 60’s while the memories have faded somewhat, they still come back uninvited.


    • Paul – I’m sad that you & so many of use have suffered at the hands of those who should have loved us the most. Thanks for adding your voice.


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