Ennea TRIAD Basics (Part 4b)

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3rd Triad (891) : INSTINCT (Gut
), Body-based character structure )cont)
#8 = Leader — Energy: Larger than life, Dominating.
#9 = Mediator Energy: Diffuse extension, Comfortable
#1= Reformer Energy: Rigid containment, Righteous

In BIZ: They take a stand, act decisively, & take calculated yet appropriate risks. They develop alternative & solutions to problems, challenging conventional wisdom. They take ownership & demonstrate integrity.

For Inspiration: 8s use their Mental Center / 9s use their Body Center / 1s use their triad 891Heart Center (MORE….

Re. SPACE – When truly grounded (knowing exactly who & where they are in time, space & spirit), they develop healthy personal boundaries, with a clear sense of personhood & positive connections to others
8s feel the need to conquer, to be certain of having a place for oneself, so they assert their boundaries aggressively
9s will adapt to a new environment with seeming ease, but part of them remains disengaged
1s hold back & compare situations with their sense of right/wrong, afraid that if they let go they’ll lose control & have their boundaries ‘penetrated’

► 8s Function – Leadership & Self-assertion
They express anger easily & fast. They put their guard up so that no one can get through their defenses to hurt them. Their anger will surface in situations where they or someone else experiences injustice

GOWTH: 8’s can learn.… there’s no contradiction between being sensitive to the hearts of others and having an effect in the world. In fact, the more they connect with others, the more they become a powerful force for good. Healthy 8’s can good gut instinct.pngbecome the kind of leader others will fall on their sword for

Positive potential: ability to take personal initiative, magnanimity, self-confidence, self-determination, self-reliance
Negative potential: combativeness, crude insensitivity, domination of others, ruthlessness
– They over-express their instincts, tending to dominate people & situations without pausing to think about others’ points of view

► 9s Function – Interpersonal Mediation & Receptivity
They tend to disconnect from their anger in order to build harmony & comfort, both for themselves & for others, which can be referred to as “the anger that went to sleep”. They turn a blind eye to whatever threatens their peace

GOWTH: 9’s can learn.… that staying with discomfort in the moment & being present to  engage – even if there’s confrontation, is the key to true inner peace. They don’t need to retreat from anger or other uncomfortable emotions, and with limitless patience can help others feel truly loved & accepted

Positive potential: acceptance, creating harmony with others, emotional stability & physical endurance, un-self-consciousness
Negative potential: disengaged attention & emotions, neglectfulness, mental dissociation, passivity
– They’re numb to their instincts, which makes it very hard to hold on to their own agenda as the waves of life wash over them

► 1s Function – Ethical Standards & Responsibility
They don’t like expressing their anger externally, & can be very self‐critical, working hard to hold back their unconscious impulses.  (from ‘Enneagram Singapore’)

GOWTH: 1’s can learn.… they’re not responsible for fixing everything, & accepting a situation isn’t the same as endorsing it. They can still accomplish a higher good while having patience with ‘what is.’ At their peak, they’re serene, conscientious, accepting & inspiring

Positive potential: conscience, delayed gratification, maturity, moderation, self-discipline
Negative potential: impersonal perfectionism, judgmentalism, rigid self-control, self-righteousness
– They internalize their instincts & check them repeatedly for validity, which makes them highly ethical but also a bit slow
Therapy with HORSES: Body Types 891 are taught to modulate the energy they put out through their gut centers, & allow the process to unfold naturally.

8s need to modulate their intensity
9s need to focus, & direct their intentions with clarity
1s need to relax, & let go of their need to be competent and controlling – to simply be with the horse. Easier said than done.

MEDITATIONS Thoughts’ about meditation (& some humor) Scroll to 12/3/2012

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