Ennea TRIAD Basics (Part 2b)


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“Human beings are always & always will be, a frontier between what is known & what is not known.David Whyte, English poet

FIRST Triad (234): HEART, Emotion-based character structure (cont)
#2 = Sentimentalist  Energy: Aggressive Affection, Helpful
#3 = Enthusiast – – – Energy: Charismatic Producer, Successful
#4 = Romanticist – – Energy: Dramatic pull, Authentic

🕘 In BIZ: 234s are team players, communicate well with those above, below & equal to their position. They cultivate internal & external relationships, serve as role model, leading & supporting change.

🤍 For Inspiration: 2s use their Mental Center / 3s use their Heart Center / 4s use Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.21.04 PMtheir Body Center (MORE….)(CHART below & info From : Enneagram Singapore

► 2s Functions – Empathy & Altruism
• Type 2s tend to be very caring for others in order to be thought well of – by everyone, so they don’t have to feel their fear of abandonment
• They create an image of being likable & needed. But they have trouble knowing their own feelings & needs. They often know or think, “There are many people that could not survive without me.”

GROWTH: 2s can learn….that getting their own needs met doesn’t mean neglecting everyone else. It is, in fact, the opposite. When the needs of the Self go unmet, the result is exhaustion & manipulation. When 2’s finally see that their own needs are neither more or less important than others, they’re sincerely generous, gracious, humble, nurturing & unconditionally loving

Positive potential: genuine self-sacrifice, generosity, other-directedness, nurturance, thoughtfulness
Negative potential – intrusiveness, possessiveness, manipulation, self-deception.

Need to do for everyone, since ‘giving of oneself’ is seen as being good
– Express & over-express only ‘positive/ happy emotions, denying or repressing the rest

3s Functions – Self-Esteem & Self-development
• Type 3s are the most out of touch with their emotions, they need positive feedback & affirmation from others.
• They find value & self-worth through accomplishment & performance. to resist feeling shame. They seek admiration of others, are very goal‐focused, tending to project an image of success

GROWTH: 3s can learn…. that they have intrinsic value. They don’t have to ‘be’ or ‘do’ anything. And since there’s already a focus on the preciousness of life, 3’s are at their best when they’re Bigger Game contributors

Positive potential: ambition, personal excellence, professional competence, self-assurance, self-improvement, social self-distinction
Negative potential: arrogant narcissism, exploitation of others, hostility, pragmatic calculation
Need for success is very strong, especially in their profession.
– Out of touch with / suppress real emotions, so they can keep functioning & to make a ‘good’ impression on others

4s Functions –  Artistic Creativity & Self-awareness
• Type 4s tend to look for reasons why they’re unique & different from others.
• They create & hold on to moods, using emotion as a way to defend against rejection. By dramatizing their losses & hurts, they avoid deeper feelings of shame, and try to draw attention & pity from others.

GROWTH: 4s can learn…. there’s richness & depth in ordinary experiences & sees beauty everywhere. They don’t have to be exotic to be unique. 4’s are at their best when moving away from emotional indulgence and toward authentically connectingto their heart (from PersonalityHacker)

Positive potential: individualism, intuition, sensitivity, self-expression, self-revelation
Negative potential: depression, self-absorption, self-consciousness, self-doubt, self-inhibition
Need / wish for recognition for their originality, & be considered special.
– Painfully self-conscious, hide true emotions by withholding direct expression

Therapy with HORSES: For HEART STYLE people, exercises done with horses usually focus on teaching them to be aware of their own emotions, to let go of their image-based defenses, & just be with the animals. 234s are usually amazed at how much awareness & control they really do have over their own responses.

MEDITATIONS for 2s, 3s & 4s (as CDs or at iTunes)
Thoughts’ about meditation (including some humor) 12/3/2012
(CHART below From : Enneagram Singapore



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