šŸŸ Enneagram : Subtype Details (Types 4, 5, 6)

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COUNTER instinct of TYPE 4 –Ā Tenacity
Self Preservation 4s are long-suffering, stoic in the face of their inner pain, not share it with others as much as the other two 4s. They learn to tolerate discomfort & ‘do without’ – as a way of earning love.
Instead of sitting in their envy, SP 4s act it out by working hard to get what others have & they lack. More masochistic & less melodramatic, these 4s demand a lot of themselves, have a strong need to endure, & have a passion for effort.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 5 –Ā Confidence
Sexual 5sĀ haveĀ a romantic streak. The most emotionally sensitive of the type, they suffer more, resembling 4s that way, & have more visible desires.
They express avarice (greed) by searching for fantasy-images of absolute love, with the need to find a partner who fulfills an ideal of trust. They have a vibrant inner life that may be expressed through artistic creation, but are still cut off from others in many ways.


COUNTER instinct of TYPE 6 –Ā Strength/Beauty
Sexual 6s express fear by going against it – by becoming strong & intimidating, trusting themselves more than the other two subtypes. So when they’re afraid, their inner programming follows the idea that “the best defense is a good offense”.
They take on a powerful stance both in what they do & how they look, as a way of holding the ‘enemy’ at bay. Their anxiety is quieted through skill & readiness in the face of real or potential attacks.

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