Power – NEGATIVE Worker TYPES (#1)

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SITE : “What to do about a co-worker who Drinks on the Job”

The most common destructive toxic behaviors include:
⚡️agreeing in meetings, but not following through afterward
⚡️backstabbing, blaming, criticizing
⚡️only about personal agendas (not team & company goals)
⚡️gossiping & spreading rumors
⚡️hoarding information
⚡️purposely undermining others

Toxic team members are destructive because they:
🦠Create unnecessary drama & distraction
They suck the positive energy & creative brainpower out of the room. Team members waste precious time watching their back instead of openly innovating, taking risks & speaking up candidly about what’s on their minds.

🦠Degrade the team culture
The saboteur’s behavior becomes the norm. Well-intended team members begin to reflect this bad behavior as well, treating that toxic teammate with disrespect, griping behind their back & keeping them out of the loop whenever possible.

🦠Erode the “team brand”
Their bad behavior poorly represents the team, creating a negative impression with other employees. Team dysfunction is highly correlated with team brand & results :  Loyalist teams are seen as effective in delivering results, compared with saboteur teams.

🦠Undermine the values of the leader & company
When companies espouse values & norms of behavior, but don’t hold ‘misbehaving’ employees to the same standards – it breeds cynicism inside & outside the organization.


These can be sneaky or obvious – the ones who drink their lunch, or who add ‘a drop’ to their coffee on break. They can be highly achievers or the janitor – but all have an impact on the atmosphere & productivity of the company, depending on the level of chemical use. (Posts : “Alcoholism….“)

These rebellious types have a hard time socializing. Being around others, especially close by, internally causes them mental chaos & emotional irritation. Easily bored, they intentionally create problems as a way to generate some excitement, such as behaving recklessly or acting out in ways others find off-putting, uncomfortable or even obscene

They believe they’re the smartest person anywhere, so don’t respect coworkers, always silently crabbing to themselves about how useless everyone else is. Sooner or later this attitude will bleed over into their interactions with others, so even when they don’t say that everyone’s incompetent – out loud – their facial expressions, body language & condescending attitude will

These unfriendly introvert types come off cold, blunt & rude. They may be incredibly intelligent & good at their job, but lack basic social skills.They avoid all work-related activities, finding it hard to communicate with colleagues.
Most often, they’re afraid of rejection, hypersensitive to real or perceived criticism & disapproval, terrified to say anything for fear of embarrassing themselves

These types will often stretch the truth to convince a supervisor that their (boss’s) version of a ‘problem situation’ is wrong or made up, shifting the blame for problems or delays on others or the work-plan.  Rarely will they admit to or apologize for their  own misunderstandings, mistakes, bad decisions, or poor performance

These people (total opposite of the Distractor) usually insist on doing everything themselves. They also want everyone else to know just how much they’re sacrificing for the job. EXP: they’ll come to work when sick to show how dedicated they are, but end up getting everyone else sick in the process. Eventually, they do actually crash & burn

These are the angry ones whose emotional state can go from 0 – 60 in a nanosecond, when things don’t go their way. It takes very little to provoke their rage, They have poor impulse control, as they’re run by infantile needs, operating totally on irrational thinking

These types barrel their way through other peoples’ opinions & thoughts in order to get their way. They’re arrogant, disruptive & “always right”. They may interrupt co-workers, constantly argue against others’ point of view, are often loud, but sometimes will use humor to correct people

These types have issues with authority & a penchant for manipulation. They exhibit repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the target), using threats, humiliation, intimidation, or disruptive project-interfering sabotage, which prevent work from getting done

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