Personal Power – GROWTH (Part 3d)



REVIEW : Personal Power is based on confidence, competence & strength. It’s is seen in self-assertion, with a healthy striving for love, satisfaction & meaning,

3. HOW to IMPLEMENT Personal Power

🪴a. Adapt to Changing Conditions
To see things clearly requires being proactive & staying mindful of your thoughts, choices & actions. This allows you to see & interpret problems, challenges & obstacles correctly.

However, it’s not always easy to adapt. Sometimes, there are limited options, inadequate resources, & very little time. Even so, having Personal Power will sustain you – to work through issues with genuine confidence & self-assurance.

🪴b. Be Willing to Stand Out from the Crowd
PP is wise – you have a deep sense of you you are, so your actions are not driven by old anxieties (Toxic Beliefs). This allows you to know when to stand up & when to be quiet, when to take a back seat & when to shine. PP doesn’t have to prove anything but it also guides you to put yourself forward when you have something to contribute.
Always trying to fit in with the crowd disguises who you really are. Trust that you’re emotionally & mentally strong enough to stand out & risk to be different – when the time is right.

🪴c. Express Yourself Effectively
Personal Power includes knowing how to communicate clearly & directly – without anger, demands or manipulation. It allows you to effectively express your needs, desires & wants, form the courage & confidence to share emotions, beliefs & opinions without being limited by fear of how others may respond. This confidence also helps weather judgment, criticism or rejection when it crops up.

PP is about clearly stating what you want, then doing what’s appropriate to follow through. Being assertive, of course, doesn’t
mean being aggressive. Rather, it’s having healthy intentions grounded in self-esteem, then tactfully, respectfully acted on. 

🪴d. Speak up & share your opinions & ideas
You own your PP when you share your thinking process & ability to brainstorm with others. Not every one of your ideas will be applauded or on target, but over the long haul many will be.  As you prove your worth, people will seek you out for suggestions & insights. AND, it’s OK to know some things, so if a subject is  important to you personally or for work, you can find out & learn.

🪴e. Be in Charge of Social Interactions
An external way to see if you’re actively using PP is how you interactions with other people. Whether personal or in business, some will go smoothly, others can turn into a power struggle, if one or both of you try to have the upper hand.

In all social situations it’s important to stay tuned into your PP, keeping a lookout for ways you may relinquish or lose it.
BEFORE any important interaction, ASK:
⚛︎ What do I want, going into this situation?
⚛︎ What’s my specific intention for being there?
⚛︎ What do I hope to get out of it?
⚛︎ What do I need to know & do to make it work out?

☛ How successful (empowered) was I during this interaction?
☛ How did I express my personal power?
☛ How clearly & well, did I communicate my needs?
☛ What did I think, say or do that increased my PP?
☛ What did I think, say or do that reduced my PP?
🪴 If I consistently give away my PP, what do I need to change in myself?
🪴 If I only give away my PP in a particular way, or in a specific circumstance, what do need to do differently to ensure I act on my rights to stay empowered?

These Qs will help you stay present & awake, to ensure you make the best of every situation, never giving away your PP unnecessarily.

NEXT : Implementing PP, Part 2

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