Personal Power – GROWTH (Part 3e)

PP – Implement (#3d)



3. HOW to IMPLEMENT Personal Power (cont)
🪴d. Speak up & share your opinions & ideas
🪴e. Be in Charge of Social Interactions

🪴f. Create Genuine Connections
PP knows to look for & find personal & professional connections with people who ‘get you’ – not for approval but rather validation, encouragement, fun, companionship & growth.
They need to be individuals & groups who understand what drives you, respecting you for who you are specifically, & are therefore a ‘safe place’ to be your authentic self. When you’re truly supported, it’s easier to express Personal Power. Even when you ‘fall’,  the right ones will encourage you to get back up & keep going. Everyone needs this.

🪴g. Know When to Ask for Help
PP is not afraid of or ashamed to ask for help when you need it. The key is knowing who to ask & how much each person can actually give. Admitting you don’t have all the answers is not a sign of weakness. In fact, powerful people know when to search out for missing info & feedback.
When you know what you need & then line up the resources to reach a goal or solve a problem, you increase the chances of being successful. This is a Power move.

🪴h. Build a Supportive Network
PP provides the courage to search for & use the help of others who have the right knowledge & compassion to see you thru to our True Self. PP knows you can’t create a successful life or career in a vacuum. Seek advice from mentors, sponsorspowerful female role models…. & observe how they express executive presence. Build mutually beneficial relationships with people you can help, & who will also champion your ideas, provide advice & information you need to be successful.

🪴i. Advocate for Yourself & Others
PP allows you to understand your value & how you contribute to successful business outcomes.  Then you can help your company achieve its goals. Look for ways to add value, creating visibility & credibility.
If you’re a boss, you can be the one who helps individuals reach their objectives, since PP is not diminished by advocating for subordinates or colleagues. Promote your team & their accomplishments. Show respect & express pride in their work, & they’ll respond in kind.

🪴j. Stay (be) Present
Personal Power does not exist in the False Self & is the opposite of dissociation (self-hate, being shut down, in denial…) 
Also, PP doesn’t only come from doing ‘more’. Balance is always needed.
Sometimes what’s best is clearing out internal & external distractions, so you can quietly pay attention, & stop missing moments to use your inner resources. Mindfulness can help to stay grounded in the present, so you don’t overlook wonderful & unexpected opportunities.

🪴k. Schedule Quiet Time
PP knows that down-time is part of self-care. Reconnecting with yourself without distractions allows you to find or reinforce your passion & life’s purpose.  In a culture that rewards busyness, it’s challenging to schedule guilt-free down-time to unplug & just ‘be’ with yourself. But it’s often in stillness that creativity can blossom. It’s amazing how spending a little quiet time each day will help you find solutions to long-standing personal or business issues, seen through a more intuitive & strategic lens. 

🪴l. Give it Away
PP is not something to flaunt, but rather control & moderate, depending on the situation or person you’re with. Sometimes, relinquishing PP is appropriate (not having something mainly be for you).
When you want to be authentic, compassionate & vulnerable, giving away your PP can benefit the social interaction & empower the other person. So it becomes your gift, a superpower you choose to temporarily forego – to win the trust & respect of those around you.

🪴m. Practice Forgiveness
PP is neither arrogant, nor ashamed. Holding a grudge against someone who’s hurt you doesn’t punish the other person – only yourself – by wasting time on them when you could be using that energy to be peaceful or productive. Forgiving someone is the best way to take back your power.
But be clear – forgiveness does not say what the hurtful thing someone said or did was OK. It’s choosing to let go of the hurt & anger that interferes with your ability to enjoy life.


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