PERSONAL POWER : Individual ➕(Part 1b)


SITE: “Healing the Inner Child” 

** “…. PERMISSIONS in a Healthy Environment” 



The 3 key components are :
▪︎ COURAGE – facing difficulties because you know that growth only comes through actively dealing with life’s challenges.
🔺It’s the crew of your sailboat.

▪︎ ATTENTION – having presence of mind, the ability to concentrate, & the correct mental focus – so you don’t waste time on the wrong set of problems. 
🔺It’s the sail that captures & directs the wind on your sailboatPP is freedom from the dominance of others 

▪︎ PURPOSE – the sense of meaning & mission in your life, connected to a greater objective which allows you to aiming at the right goal.
🔺It’s the rudder on your sailboat

PP is freedom from the dominance of others by pursuing life’s higher goals, & developing mastery of oneself – not over others.
It provides strength, confidence & competence – which are (supposed to be) gradually acquired in the course of our development.

It’s infinite (not zero-sum), because it provides access to & control of inner resources, based on positive personal qualities, deeply held values & boldest traits. This includes self-assertion, inborn talents,  learned skills, a healthy striving for love, satisfaction & meaning, with vision & being of service

Elie Wiesel suggests PP is the state of being in command of our most precious & authentic Self. It makes us more open, optimistic & risk- tolerant, so we’re more likely to notice & take advantage of beneficial opportunities. When expressed toward others, it’s more creative, generous & humane than other forms of power.

Unless & until we feel personally powerful, we can’t achieve Presence, & all the Social P in the world (fame, money, social standing…) won’t compensate for its absence. 
New York U professor Joe Magee writes: “Personal Power is all about having the confidence to act – based on one’s own attitudes, beliefs, & values – with the conviction that one’s actions will be effective.”

Research at the U of Ca. indicated that P is often activated unconsciously, turned on like a switch. So it can affect our T.E.As (thoughts, emotions, actions) in ways we’re not even aware of. This suggests we don’t need to wear a crown to feel powerful, nor plot & strategize ways to prove we are powerful, in order to reap its benefits. (Modified from “Presence” by Amy Cuddy)

Having Personal Power & how it’s used – is a strong predictor of success in life.
🗝 Personal Power (PP) is about living life intentionally with a sense of purpose & optimism, providing a deep sense of empowerment – an inner strength & confidence that carries us forward through tough times

🗝 PP allows us to challenge our critical voice, with its harmful thoughts & distorted beliefs that sabotage our progress. It can effectively manage our behavior & set boundaries, to overcome limiting habits 

🗝 PP allows us to gather the strength & ability to handle problems with courage, a tremendous source of mental & emotional sustenance to help us more effectively work through adversity, challenges, obstacles, problems & setbacks 

🗝 Personal Power is a kind of mental toughness we bring to every situation. It allows us to overcome inertia or anything else that holds us back which makes us feel mentally & emotionally powerless. It’s the ability to make deliberate & clear decisions about a desired goal, & then follow an optimal path that will accomplish it.

🗝 Having PP is what separates winners from losers in all aspects of life. It’s also about positively influencing & impacting the lives around us – in the best ways available. With it we can make a difference to those we regularly interact with. (Modified from IQ MATRIX)


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