AFTER-EFFECTS of ABUSE & Health (#3a)


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SITE: ” In Sickness & in Health?  Not if Your Partner is a Narcissist !”

Driving a victim to madness, suicide or death from disease delivers a grand rush to the narcissist’s ego. Death or insanity provides a lifetime supply of ready-made psychological hooks to use on the next partner. Ns milk their ‘misfortune’ for all it’s worth.
And while the victim’s destruction may take on various forms, the end result for the abuser is always the same – as ever, they emerge unscathed, quickly working to reinvent themselves.

▼ Prolonged emotional, physical, even perceived stress – all have exactly the same physical impact on the body.  Consequences of chronic stress include vulnerability to disease, slow rate of injury healing, loss of libido, sleeplessness, digestive problems, depression….

Quora Q: Can having a narcissistic partner make you physically sick?

FROM: Mel E. Quinn, Lifelong Veteran of Toxic Relationships  (January 26)

A : “YES it can! Your immune system can’t function too well when you’re under constant & increasing stress over time. Maybe you’re being physically beaten, poisoned or prevented from seeing a doctor …. Your body starts to fall apart from all the trauma.

You’re neglecting all your own needs, pushing your body past its limits to keep up with the N’s expectations.
It starts with little things you brush off as weird but unimportant.

Digestive issues, frequent colds, pre-existing conditions & old injuries that were previously under control – are suddenly flaring up a lot. Your face looks tired, your skin & hair loses some luster, you’re not sleeping well & not eating normally.

Over time, you start seeing worse problems – elevated blood pressure, drastic weight & appetite changes…. You have no energy, something’s always hurting, there are symptoms of glandular malfunction &/or organ issues – that the doctor doesn’t know why.

Memory & focus get so bad you feel like you’re “stuck on stupid” most of the time. Anything that was wrong to begin with is way worse now, & you’re not getting better, even with treatment.

The longer you stay, the worse it gets. The N may won’t actually kill you, but the stress they cause certainly might. Something to consider when you’re debating about leaving.”

A: “For sure. You are under constant stress which will have negative physical effects if it goes on for a long time. You know something’s wrong, but that’s absolutely ignored or denied, which is confusing.
Your hair, nails & skin will show it. You’ll get fat or too thin. Since you’re not in control of the money, you’ll struggle to conceal the problems with treatments & fancy clothes…..”
Recommended book: “Prepare to be Tortured  – The price you will pay for dating a narcissist”∼ AB Jamieson

Quora Q:  Why do you get physically sick after being with a narcissistic person?

FROM:  Veronica Welles  (October 29, 2017)

A : “Yes. MRI studies have shown that when we feel emotional pain, the same regions of the brain get activated as when we feel physical pain……We get sick because we hurt so much invisibly after dealing with a narc, but nobody can see it. Before the MRI studies there was no way to even prove it, so nobody would believe us. But now we know it is just as bad as physical injury.

The N is invisibly boiling our insides through antagonism. Our bodies were never built to withstand a constant barrage of hostility indefinitely, so it will eventually break our bodies, starting with the immune system, followed by the rest….. Permanently high inflammation markers is a symptom shared with cancer, a signal the body gives when constantly dealing with injury.

EXP: Research has shown that children from abusive homes have prematurely shortened telomeres. Even their DNA was damaged.

Do not trivialize narcissistic abuse – it’s a killer. Work to be authentic, slowly training yourself to reject Ns wherever, whenever – even in the midst of an audience, even if means violating social norms.”

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