HOW to/not to TALK to KIDS – Examples (#1)

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SITE : “Self Talk: Internal Dialogue of the Subconscious Mind

Excellent reminder, which applies to all of us, no matter what our preferred defense mechanism or addiction of choice


NOTE: All images are taken from the Faber & Mazlish book, but some titles & comments are reworked, because the authors use the word “Feel” to include emotions, thoughts & actions. This is confusing & inaccurate. (See posts : “Use Think instead of Feel“)

Apply this info YOURSELF first
Many ACoAs remark that they don’t know how to talk to their Inner Child. That’s understandable, since that was never modeled for us.  These scenes can help with that lack. They contrast the unhealthy abandoning ways we were treated vs. healthy, loving communication. (Posts: “Being Loved“).

Use them as a basis for great conversations with your INNER CHILD !






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