SYNOPSIS: Unhealthy vs Healthy Family RULES


ARTWORK ⬆️ “His & Hers” and  ⬇️ ” Good vs Evil ” by DMT (2018 & 2019)

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POST: Toxic Family Rules // Healthy Rules  

🛎 You Tube : Homecoming (Part 1) John Bradshaw

BOOK review : Homecoming – Reclaiming & Championing Your Inner Childby John Bradshaw 
This book answers: “How can I let go of my bitterness about the past, learn to love myself, and how can I parent myself?”

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2 thoughts on “SYNOPSIS: Unhealthy vs Healthy Family RULES

  1. Great post, Donna! I always love having the healthy side of things written down- it gives me a better trajectory toward recovery than trying to “reinvent the wheel”. And all of those things phrased as affirmations is just brilliant!


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