“I Who Have Nothing” Song Evaluation (Part 1)


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A CHALLENGE : How AWARE are you?

This post is about listening to people – looking at the lyrics of the TITLE song, from a live performance by Tom Jones in 1970. I like this rendition of his the best, even better than Shirley Bassey’s.

Not everyone is familiar with Sir Jones’ work for the past 60 yrs.
He’s 80 this year (2020) AND still going strong – his voice as clear & powerful as ever. He’s been a coach on ‘The Voice UK’ on & off for 4 yrs, 2003 – 2020. (Solo concert, 2017)

But this post is not about him.
It’s a challenge to ACoAs, whatever your level of Recovery. If you’re willing to listen to this YouTube video (lyrics below), how would you evaluate the characters in this song? – in psychological terms, based on everything you know. In this exercise, see how clearly you can identifying what the man in this song is telling us about himself.

It’s true that people tell us about themselves all the time, even at the first meeting, often without realizing. The more we hear & see others clearly & realistically, the better we can choose our friends, mates & jobs.

What are you picking up AND acknowledging? (ACoAs think accurately about a situation or conversation that’s doesn’t seem right BUT automatically negate those thoughts & therefore don’t follow thru on them – to protect or stand up for ourselves).

How many different issues / comments / conclusions can you come up with? Include alternative explanations.
◆ what kind of person is he? ◆ what about his love? ◆ who is the woman? ….

If you’d like, write them down, & you might even choose to post them in the comment section.  I’ll list my observations in Part 2.

💔  “I Who Have Nothing” 💔
I who have nothing, I who have no one – adore you & want you so
I’m just a no one with nothing to give you, but oh – I love you

He, he buys you diamonds, bright sparkling diamonds
But, believe me, dear, when I say That he can give you the world,
but he’ll never love you the way I love you

He can take you any place he wants, To fancy clubs and restaurants
But I can only watch you with My nose pressed up against the window pane

I, I who have nothing. I, I who have no one
Must watch you go dancing by Wrapped in the arms of somebody else – when, darling, it’s I who loves you.
I love you, I love you, I love you
(Spoken) I need you girl, I have nothing without you
I love you girl, I am just nothing without you

: This song is an English language cover of the Italian song “Uno Dei Tanti” (“One of Many”), with music by Carlo Donida and lyrics by Giulio “Mogol” Rapetti.
English lyrics for “I Who Have Nothing” were written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who also produced the first English language release performed by Ben E. King in 1963., & made popular by Shirley Bassey, in 1979.

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4 thoughts on ““I Who Have Nothing” Song Evaluation (Part 1)

  1. He had nothing and is no one and therefore nothing to offer her except his love. I sense his ‘love’ maybe more about using this woman to make himself better. She’s doing well, he’s not. She’s made a life for herself and he hasn’t. He doesn’t sound like someone who even likes himself, what can he bring to a relationship? It’s a ‘M, don’t do it!’ From me.


  2. About the main male character & his love: (not necessarily in this order)
    He is lonely.
    He is fantacizing.
    He is comparing himself to an imagined other,
    He is obsessed with the woman.
    He is delusional.
    He is making lofty promises.
    He is begging, pleading, very needy.
    He is manipulative.
    He has a lot of unmet needs.
    He is searching for a lover.
    He has low-self-esteem.
    He has nothing to give but his love.
    He does not accept that she is choosing another man.
    He is judging he relationship with that man.
    He is jealous of the other man.
    He is making a lot of assumptions about this woman.
    He feels sorry for himself.
    He is seemingly needing to make himself desirable if he imagines this woman wants the things the other man is, in his mind, giving her that he is unable to
    She may have left a relationship with him telling him she wanted more & he was unable to give these things to her.
    Am troubled by his comment that “he is nothing without her” (co-dependent).
    He needs recovery.

    About the woman: (not necessarily in this order)
    I get the feeling he knows her, Perhaps a former girlfriend idealized?
    She may want the things she shares with the other man.
    She might enjoy the things she shares with the other man.
    She may be treating the other man to the dinners, dances, etc.
    She may be asking the other guy to do these things with her.
    She may be in love with the other man.
    They may be happy together.


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