Ennea TRIAD Basics (Part 3b)

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SECOND Triad (567) : HEAD, Mental-based character structure
#5 = Observer – – Energy: ‘Invisible’ Detachment, Hoarding
#6 = Questioner Energy: Fight 6 – Jabbing Confrontation
Agreement seeking – – – –  Flight 6 – Poised-for-flight Scanning
#7 = Adventurer Energy: Airy Excitement, Re-framing

🕙 In BIZ: 567s operate from a global perspective, looking at the big picture. The use business strategies, understanding how to create value & what needs to be done to create a better future.triad 567

🤍 For Inspiration: 5s use their Heart Center / 6s use their Body Center / 7s use their Mental Center (MORE….)

5s Function – Expert Knowledge & Mental focus
Because they see the world as a scary place, preparation is the key to dealing with it. 5’s are forever in strategy mode, believing that if they could just hone their skills enough they’ll be ready for everything ‘out there.’

GROWTH: 5s can learn….. they have all the information & understanding they need to truly engage in life. With many inner resources, there’s no need to just sit by observe. When 5’s stop being the chrysalis & become the butterfly, they’re visionaries with groundbreaking insights (from PersonalityHacker)

Positive potential: acquisition of knowledge, curiosity, inventive originality, perceptiveness, technical expertise
Negative potential: eccentricity, emotional detachment, mental projections, social isolation, speculative theorizing
– Over-express thinking, mentally intense

6s Function – Perseverance & Trust
Like the 369s, they’re good at pretending there’s absolutely no reason ever to be scared. They repress an awareness of it by – being suspicious of the unfamiliar &
– surrounding themselves with safety/security systems (often in the form of people). Since they can neither trust themselves or the outside world, they can’t actually experience ‘dangers’ as fear, so they have a Janus-like quality

GROWTH: 6s can learn….. that courage is found from within, an innate capacity to trust their own judgment & take on new challenges. At their best, 6’s are what Roxanne Howe-Murphy calls “Spiritual Warriors.”

Positive potential: commitment to larger efforts, emotional bonding, group identification, industriousness, loyalty, sociability
Negative potential: ambivalence, anxiety, dependency, feelings of inferiority, rebelliousness
– Out of touch with inner Guidance

7s Function – Diverse activity & Spontaneity
The outside world is filled with fun, but inside…. there be dragons. So 7’s flee from the inner world & gorge on the outer world of pleasures and possibilities. They tend to be fun to be around – but tough to pin down. (from ‘Personality Hacker ‘)

GROWTH: 7s can learn…..that there is wonder in each moment, so no need to escape unpleasant feelings or feel trapped. Here & now is the only true freedom. Healthy 7’s inspire others with their deep gratitude & awe of the world.

Positive potential: achievement, enthusiasm, desire for change & variety, productivity, skill acquisition
Negative potential: being escapist, excessive, hyperactive, impulsive
– Under-express thinking, are impulsive without considering consequences of actions

Re. ACTIONs: The immediate response to life’s messiness is to hold back
5s physically ‘hold back’, against the far wall or in a corner, to observe the whole scene without being noticed. If they happen to be seated when something or someone new approaches, they noticeably pull back in their chair

‘hold back’ by not making decisions or taking an action. When entering an unfamiliar situation – tentatively, their eyes dart around looking for someone who knows what’s going on, the “expert” who’ll show them how to act

‘hold back’ in an unusual way – they run from their fear & hesitation to act by jumping into the unknown, trying to overwhelm or outmaneuver a perceived threat with charm & distraction. This buys them time to collect new info withorse therapyhout revealing anything personal that would hint at their fear

Therapy with HORSES: They have a hard time getting into their bodies in order to get what they want. It becomes obvious that they need to bring their energy & intention into their hearts & bodies, in order to make a horse move forward, draw it closer or set them a boundary. (MORE….)

MEDITATIONS ‘Thoughts’ about meditation (& some humor)
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