AFTER-EFFECTS of ABUSE & Health (#3b)


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“Childhood maltreatment has been linked to higher risk for a wide range of long-term and/or future health problems – including inter-generational impact – as well as a cost to society as a whole. Consequences may be independent of each other, but may also be interrelated.

This term refers to changes in the way a person’s genes are expressed & used, which may be temporary or permanent, & can be passed on to their children. (NSC on the Developing Child)

Epigenetic changes are caused by life experiences, such as child maltreatment, substance abuse or exposure (smoking).
EXP: One study found that maltreated children showed changes in genes associated with various physical & psychological disorders, resulting in bipolar disorder, cancer, cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression…..  (Cicchetti et al., 2016)
An example of the direct link between physical abuse & physical health is the stunting of the child’s brain development, causing psychological problems such as low self-esteem, which later lead to high-risk behaviors.(lists in Part 3a & 4).

Such physical effects of abuse & neglect may occur immediately (brain damage caused by deliberate head trauma), but others can take months or years to emerge or be recognized.
Fortunately there’s promising evidence that children’s brains can recover with the help of appropriate interventions. (Brain Development)

Life with narcissists can be extremely stressful, leading to depression & anxiety. It can also make you physically sick. The longer a N dominates your life, the more you suffer – such as snuffing out the fires of immunity so that pathogens can sneak into your bloodstream, making you septic.

Such damage can simmer for months, even years, as low-grade inflammation expressed as allergies, arthritis, fatigue, headaches, IBD, IBS, psoriasis…..

And it all starts in the intestines. This isn’t surprising, since being upset is often coupled with gut disturbance. There’s a good reason for this: Research shows that our brain is intimately connected to the trillions of microbes in the gut, called microbiota.

Amazingly & a bit disconcerting, this is BI-directional – our brain & these little bugs can talk to each other in a language they understand: via neurotransmitters that allow all nerve cells to communicate.
This gut-brain interplay involves the vagus nerve that runs from intestines to brain stem.
An over-taxed brain will negatively affect gut microbes, making you queasy, which increases stress, creating a nasty feedback loop.
When we’re continually scared, angry, threatened, attacked…. naturally our body wants to ‘run from danger’. To provide it with enough strength to flee (even though we rarely can), the brain will keep signaling the gut to tone down its normal immune response in order to suck up all it’s energy for survival. But this diverts its protection from other needed functions – leading to illness.

This was tested on lab mice. Several were placed in a cage with a bigger bully mouse, who intimidated & pushed them around for awhile, before technicians withdrew it.
After a few days of repeating this, the ‘normal’ mice become depressed & agitated – called “social defeat stress”. Their gut bacteria had changed, causing chronic systemic inflammation, making them miserable.

Bully mice can cause Autism-like reactions in smaller males (non-genetic)

SUGGESTED HELP – for us 🙂:
🔅Certain bacteria, like in kraut & yogurt, can improve mood by competing with pathogens for resources, or killing them outright. Fermented foods are good, but have to have active cultures to work
🔅Add fiber to your diet, which are complex sugars that helpfully feed the  your gut’s microbial menagerie. Fiber is found in veggies like onions, asparagus, artichokes & leafy greens

🔅Try pre-biotic supplements (concentrated fiber) which can do a lot to boost good psycho-biotic bacteria
SITE: “Gut-brain connection & Nutrition”

🔅Get some exercise – it improves the balance of gut microbes.

A great exercise is to push yourself away from narcissists.
can leave psychic scars that take time to heal, but gut health is under your control. Work on it, & you’ll feel better.

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