Lateness #2

SITE : LIST of 400 Values (click on each word)


Verb:  To Value = Process of identifying the merits of an entity or concept within a structured system
Noun:  The Value = result of that evaluation.

VALUES (social & moral principles) are the reasons people give for their attitudes & actions. They’re what we believe to be good or bad concepts, & therefore what should or should not be done, based on them.
EXP: Someone is considered an effective leader if they express ‘spiritual values‘ such as honesty, humility & integrity

Generally, we get along better with others on the basis of matching values, than on matching personality types.
👍🏽 Values are the markers by which we gauge personal development. Reasonably healthy people try to consistently align their actions with their values, which minimizes hypocrisy. So when they notice a discrepancy between the two, it can motivate them to make positive changes.

Whenever you’ve achieved big or small things that you’re pleased with, you can know it’s because you’ve lived up to 1 or more values that come from your core.
This skyrockets self-motivation, since you’re focused on what’s most meaningful to you. Building dreams & actions that way will prove how much you can accomplish.

CAUTION: If our accomplishments are motivated by someone else’s value(s) (parent, leader….), then the goals we pursue in life will also not be ours, whether positive or negative, whether they suit us or not. This will always leave us insecure & dissatisfied.

Note for ACoAs : In spite of the hypocrisy, lying & craziness of our childhood alcoholic household, most of us do have our own set of decent standards – part of the Healthy Inner Child – but we too often ignore or deny them for fear of disloyalty to the family & being cut off by them.

Remember, their damage has already caused them to abandon us – in many PMES ways. We just need to admit it & follow our own ethics.

10 Universal Values, in 4 Categories w/ 2 opposites
1. Conservation = motivation to preserve the status quo
vs. Openness = motivation to pursue newness
2. Self-enhancement = motivated by self-interest
vs. Self-trancendence = motivated to promote the welfare of others

◆ Achievement: Personal success through expressing competence according to legitimate social standards (suited to our personal type)
◆ Benevolence: Preserve & enhance the welfare of people who we’re often around (not P-P / Co-dep)

Conformity:  Restrain actions, inclinations & impulses likely to upset or harm others or violate social expectations or norms (using the UNIT)
◆ Hedonism: Pleasure or sensuous gratification for oneself

◆ Power
: Social status & prestige, legitimate control or dominance over people & resources (Healthy Responsibility)
◆ Security: Safety, harmony & stability of society, of relationships & self

◆ Self-direction: Independent thought & action – choosing, creating, exploring (emotional maturity)
◆ Stimulation: Excitement, novelty & life challenges

◆ Tradition: Respect, commitment & acceptance of the customs & ideas that one’s traditional culture or religion provide
◆ Universalism: Appreciation, protection, tolerance & understanding for the benefit of all people & nature  (MORE…. theories about these 10)

CHOOSE VALUES which are:
🌱 Consistent with your personal vision, mission & basic beliefs
🌱 Inspirational – they uplift & motivate to take on the day’s challenges, allowing you to fulfill your life’s purpose

🌱 Long lasting – needed to help develop your future, evolving as you mature but not following the latest fad
🌱 Meaningful & rewarding – express your True Self, therefore creating inner peacefulness

🌱 Provide guidance – help to make everyday decisions, especially with relationships
🌱 Unique – must ‘speak to you’, defining who you are & want to be. They must reflect your priorities & emphasize strengths while compensating for weaknesses.

Some Basic VALUES we already have, or can grow into (More….)

Go thru the 400 words listed above, a little at a time, a few at a time. DO NOT let the WIC get overwhelmed!
Maybe pick a different ONE each day with your a.m. coffee, & just let it sit on the back burner to see if it fits you (or not), is like your family or not. Don’t push.

When you can, make 2 lists =
a. 5-10 values you already identify with & use
b. 5-10 you’d like to incorporate or enhance.  Change as needed.
If it helps, sub-divide them into PMES categories.
EXP: P = flexibility / M = curiosity / E = fearlessness / S = forgiveness
Once a week check to see how you’re enjoying the as, & if you’ve seen improvement on the bs of your Values lists. NO S-H allowed!

🤓 What each Enneagram Type VALUES most



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