MBTI 4 Functions of ENTP & ENTJ (3b)


CHARTS below: All SARCASTIC Functions 

POSTS modified from VERYWELLmind


ENTP = The DEBATER (Review)
: creative, enjoys debating, great conversationalist, innovative, values knowledge

Weaknesses : can be argumentative, dislikes routines and schedules, doesn’t like to be controlled, insensitive, unfocused

ENTP’s primary response is to take in information quickly. They’re very open-minded, with an entrepreneurial mind, always coming up with new & exciting ideas

Once they’ve gathered information, they can make connections between  complex & interwoven relationships. They’re good at spotting connections that others might overlook, because they focus on possibilities.

As a support to the DOM, Ti fuels ENTP’s drive for knowledge & general interest in intellectual pursuits, focusing on taking in information about the world around them. They can analyze ideas that Ne-DOM seems to pull out of thin air, all of which they understand, & so can come to logical & objective conclusions.

ENTPs don’t want to just understand that something works – they want to know the why-&-how behind how things tick. When making decisions, they put more weight on rational evidence instead of subjective, emotional information, which helps to make sense of many disparate ideas & pieces of information, balancing out their most fantastical ideas.

Less prominently, Fe in 3rd place is the major reason for the drive to use their intelligence & creative problem solving skill – to help others & make the world a better place, rather than for purely selfish purposes.

Because it tend to run in the background, an undeveloped Fe-TER can leading ENTPs to be insensitive to others, even be experienced as aloof or unkind.

But when Fe is developed, ENTPs can encourage they hidden humanitarian side, be social charmers who get along well with others. In social situations, they then can be a more expressive & skilled conversationalist, making it easy for them to convince others to believe in their ideas.

Usually least preferred, here Si is centered on understanding the past & applying lessons to current experiences & future events. ENTPs are more likely to focus more on possibilities than actions, without considering how past events & patterns can actually help predict future outcomes in similar situations.

As INF, Si also tends to make ENTPs ignore many of the more mundane details of daily life, especially when deeply involved in a project or plan. Undeveloped, they can struggle with being consistent, reliable, & actually putting ideas into action. However, as they grow & mature, they often learn to overcome these weaknesses.

See:INTERNAL WORLD (scroll down)


ENTJ =  The COMMANDER (Review)
: assertive, good at making decisions, outspoken, self-assured, strong communication & leadership skills

Weaknesses : aggressive, insensitive, intolerant, impatient, stubborn

ENTJ’s primary response is
expressed through the way they make decisions & judgments.

They have a tendency to speak first without listening, making snap judgments before really taking in all the information about a situation.

However, they are also be very rational & objective, while being focused on imposing order & standards on the world around them. Setting measurable goals is important to them

As a support to the DOM, Ni is how ENTJs understand their inner world, & dictates the way they store & evaluate information, heavily dictating the path their train of thought will take.  It gives them a future-focus, always considering options & possibilities when approaching a decision. Being forward-thinking, they’re not afraid of change, trusting their instincts – although they will regret jumping to conclusions so quickly

Ni tends to store a great variety of seemingly random info which they can connect up into a coherent web too big to be seen in detail as a whole, but can be zoomed in on to show intricate clusters or threads of thoughts & feelings, changing the perspective on a subject, so that their inner world seems to be constantly fluctuating.

Less prominently, Se in 3rd place gives ENTJs an appetite for adventure, enjoying playful new experiences & attracted to thrill-seeking activities.

Because of an outward sensory focus, they also appreciate beautiful things in life, often surrounding themselves with things they find attractive & interesting.

They enjoy living in the moment, & are good at dealing with things they can experience & touch, as well as the purely hypothetical.

This is because their Ni-AUX & Se-TER middle preferences, so they can flip back & forth to use each one as needed.

Usually least preferred, here Fe focuses on internal feelings & values, helping to see if situations match their values & beliefs, using gut instincts.

Since emotions can be hard for ENTJs to notice, not usually aware of how much feelings effect their decisions. They can get uncomfortable or awkward in settings where some type of emotional response is called for.

If developed Fe-INF can be a good warning system to temper their logical side by listening to the small voice warning about making an unsound choice – instead of using into the first thing hey think of. They need to take the time to consider if their decision lines up with their personal values, or how their actions may affect the feelings of others.

See: INTERNAL WORLD (scroll down)


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