🟡Enneagram : Subtype Details (Types 1, 2, 3)



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🔸 Instincts
tell what our needs are.
🔸Our type indicates how we get those needs met, how we go about it.
🔸The variants (focused on the outside world) represent our priorities. Further down the levels of health, use of the instinct is more compulsive, & less a response to the actual need of the moment. 




COUNTER instinct of TYPE 1 – Zeal
Sexual 1s
are “counter-instinctive” to the 1’s normal tendency to repress emotions, being more impulsive & outwardly angry, which they act out through an intense desire to improve others & get whatever they want.

They’re more reformers than perfectionists, feeling entitled in the way zealots do, from the belief that they have a higher understanding of Truth & know the reasons behind “the right way to be.”.



COUNTER instinct of TYPE 2 – Privilege
Self Preservation 2s “seduce” others (like a child around grown-ups) as a way of unconsciously inducing others to take care of them. Assuming that everyone likes children, SP 2s take on a youthful attitude to get special treatment well beyond childhood – acting charming, playful, irresponsible.

As the countertype, it’s harder to see Pride (‘normal flaw’) because they’re more fearful of & ambivalent about connecting with others. “Privilege” reflects this 2’s desire to be loved & prioritized just for being who they are, not for what they give. 



COUNTER instinct of TYPE 3  – Security
Self Preservation 3s are vain about not having vanity. They too want to be admired, but avoid openly going after recognition. Not just satisfied with looking good, SP 3s strive to BE good, determined to match the perfection model of how a person should be – which implies being virtuous, & virtue implies a lack of vanity. SP 3s try for a sense of security through being good, working hard by being effective & productive.

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