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ISFP – The ARTIST / Producer / Composer


🌺 Most Artistic

(8.8% world-wide) (8.5% ♂︎ // 2.4% ♀︎) The Observant artist // Creator

NATURAL : Sees much but shares little
GOAL: to Evaluate.

ISTPs are reserved, serious, sensitive & kind. Not liking conflict, they’re not likely to do things which may cause it. Not interested in leading or controlling others, they’re loyal and faithful, & enjoy being of practical help or service to others, as well as bringing people together, facilitating & encouraging their cooperation.

Others can see them as somewhat detached or analytical, as they’re interested in cause and effect, tending to organize facts using principles. They’re highly skilled with mechanical work and they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.

They live in the present moment and enjoy their surroundings with cheerful, low-key enthusiasm, & may be interested in/talented in extreme sports.
With extremely well-developed senses & aesthetic appreciation for beauty, needing beauty in their surrounding, they’re likely to be original & creative.  (More…)

They’re : adaptable, colorful, considerate, cooperative, gentle, in touch with self & nature, love discovering, loyal, quiet, sensitive, self-pitying, spontaneous, strong-willed, team player, tolerant, warm, unassuming

Hidden side : They’re not snobs or hipsters. Well, not exactly. They know what they like, full stop. Whether their tastes are considered refined or eclectic by the rest of the world varies from ISFP to ISFP. They’re not that shy – many have an SP-typical brazen sense of humor, & they love to talk endlessly about their interests. But they’re not as prone to jump at new opportunities or experiences as other SPs – “I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like something I’d like” is a favorite phrase

• Life’s Purpose : Splash color on to a grey world.
• Their Law : You shall always be creative.
• They Comfort others by saying: Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about anything!

• They Say : I’m breaking all the rules, but it’s OK because I don’t think anyone noticed. I love having the freedom to do whatever I please. I don’t deserve this.
Catchphrase : A picture is worth a thousand words

Communication : Advice – Stop trying to say ‘in’ things to try fitting in – relax & use the tertiary Ni . They’ll talk to anyone & everyone… as long as they haven’t decided someone’s too intimidating to approach

Weaknesses : Too sensitive, depression, hopelessness, silence, too clingy,
Manipulate : Scatter-brain, carefree hippies one minute, in obnoxious emotional turmoil the next

Paradoxes : Accepting AND fearful. Everyone should express themselves BUT not me! Idealistic BUT practical
Value: freedom                     • Fear : of conflict

Judge people by: their intelligence
Are Judged for : saying that something others created was ‘stupid’

STRESSED by situations in illustration. Make list & lists & lists…

Under stress (Phlegmatic-Sanguine) ISFPs will give a lot of importance to their personal freedom, their choices, lifestyle & subjective view of life. Feeling threatened by conforming & the prospect of giving up their ideals, they start rejecting other people’s help & advice, becoming increasingly defensive & dismissive.
They may resort to sarcasm, become cryptic or derogatory. Then they get cynical, depressed, aggressive & acute self-doubt

As frustration grows, they tend to isolate to escape external influences, living on the edge of society, refusing to take any logical considerations into account, relying only on their creative emotions & peculiar worldview

Hate : meanness, rejection, being told how to live their life, lack of freedom, being stifled artistically, falseness, people who hurt others, an attractive person ignoring them, losing their teeth, asking for help because they want to do it their way

Don’t argue with ISFP while they’re holding : a baby
Never : betray them   • Never tell them : “I wish you wouldn’t talk about yourself so much”

: Figure out what your needs are, & be clear about them

Because they tend to be less assertive than some types, ISFPs may have less influence at work, & their concern for others could keep them from making tough choices. They sometimes put off making decisions in the hope that a better option will show up.

ISFPs need to find a way to bring their vision & gifts out into the open, usually by learning to express themselves in a way that others can understand. By appreciating & accepting reality as it is, they can build a life that’s both authentic & appropriate.

ISFP Relationships
YOU : prize the freedom to follow your own path, enjoy having your own space & setting your own timetable, which you will also give you partners. You can be difficult to know well but do care deeply about others, which you show through actions rather than words.  Your relationship superpower is Appreciation of Beauty.

Thrive in any that are : adventurous & lifelong

As a friend, you’re the hipster who listens to old music & goes to festivals, likes everything new way ahead of everyone, & is all for wealth-distribution

Annoyed with: anyone who’s a total buzzkill

ISFP Parent / child of ISFP parent, ISFP child  (ALSO….)

Still single because : you’re not a musician or artist
Unhealthy behavior : debilitatingly jealous

Show interest by : blushing
Show love by: a spontaneous display of caring, taking care of their emotional needs

• You want to hear : I get you
• You’re attractive/sexy because : you have an earthy “I know what I’m doing” vibe with inner strength & willpower, but also glow with excitement & liveliness. These qualities are admired & attractive

• You should date : someone who supports you completely, as well as getting inside your head, can help you break out of your I shell & accepts your vulnerability

To attract you : they need to be playful & adventurous, & to take an interest in you, while giving space to figure out how you feel, & then go to them (Your turn-on)

• Some famous ISFP: Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Jackie O, Mozart


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