Positive Character: KNOWLEDGE (Part 1)


without being judgmental

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 a. Indicate the worth of a task or situation by being alert, interested, observant & giving it undivided concentration
b. Recognize the value of others by giving them listening ears, respect, courtesy & focus – not just our own needs & wants.  Pay attention to what’s really important to ourselves, and others, by noticing details
c. The trait of being cautious – being appropriately alert to possible danger (not paranoia), for attentionourselves & our loved ones
d. Staying in the ‘now’, listening to the ‘still small voice’ in ourselves & H.P.
• look at people when they speak to us • sit or stand upright  • ask questions if we don’t understand  • don’t distract from a situation by shifting the attention to ourselves • don’t drift off

CREATIVITY (originality, ingenuity)
Approach a need, task or idea from a new perspective. Create something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke…) that has some kind of value.  Love for putting disparate things together (that at first don’t seem to fit) but later the connections are obvious. Always being curious about the physical world & relationships, and about the inner world of ideas & emotions.
Being playful, childlike & full of wonder, not rushing to solve a problem, taking time to imagine & creativedream. Not being run of the mill, not afraid to be different or have to play by the rules.
• have novel solutions to tricky problems  • always look for alternative ways of doing things  • the mind constantly challenging the status quo •  look for a better way to live • see things from more than one perspective • use sound principles to solve puzzles • use ones talents for good

CURIOSITY (novelty–seeking, openness to experience)
A drive to know new things, finding many subjects & topics fascinating, always exploring & discovering. Having wonder & admiration for a wide range of info.  Able to access the Healthy Inner Child, who has wonder & admiration for a wide range of info.

Curiosity helps to shed light on personal issues & troubles by motivating us to uncover big truths & subtle nuances of our creativeinner & outer life. It makes us want to discover things for ourselves, not just take someone’s word for it. It is helped by self-control, perseverance & emotional security
• ask more questions and trust fewer assumptions  • only stop asking Qs when we’ve gotten the info we need or want  • tolerate difficulties or injuries from trying out something new  • be open to new possibilities

DISCERNMENT / JUDGMENT (objective thinking, NOT being judgmental)
. To see the deeper reasons behind situations & events. Think shrewdly, sift through conflicting or confusing facts, & choose the best alternative.
Examine things from all sides and not jump to conclusions. Be able to change one’s mind in light of new & appropriate evidence, weighing all info fairly. Form the best opinion of a person or situation.
Question things that don’t make sense, ask for the source of info & explore it in more depth. Grasp & understand what is obscure. NOT be critical (discernment is noticing things, while critical is being unkind).
Moral wisdom includes the ability:evaluate
— to evaluate a situation or person (putting a value on something) by observing communications, attitudes & repeated patterns
— to judge – choose the healthiest option available; reach an appropriate decision about what to do or not do, given the desire for a good outcome.
EXP: • ask questions  • don’t judge hastily  • learn from experience • don’t repeat mistakes  • trace problems to their causes • know what is helpful vs. harmful • consider possible outcomes  • search for value

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